All the images, all the models

All of the images, from all of the teams, for all of the receivers. Yep, thats right, we here at TMSW have been slacking a little bit lately, so, to make up for it, we tracked down, and made available images from the usual suspects, OpenViX and 4D, as well … Continue reading

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4D do it again (break your image)

Once again, 4D have managed to break EVERY image on EVERY linux technomate (as well as cause issues on other network connected receivers) because of a simple oversight on their side of things (or the unwillingness to actually do this major step properly). If your image is dated prior to … Continue reading

TM-Nano 3T Combo

Another Enigma2 receiver from Technomate, and it looks like they are finally catching up with the idea of cable tuners…….   download the software from the usual tab above

Download center issues

The ‘download center’ for technomate receivers has run into issues over the last 24 hours, meaning that its completely OFFLINE. Nearly all of the latest software that was available there though, is right here, archived safely in our own software vault, for you to download. The only thing thats NOT … Continue reading

Testing Facebook link

This post is to test the Facebook link functionality.

New 4D PLi images 28-05-2014

New images for all of the TM OE receivers are available from the software tab above. theres no changelogs available yet, as usual, but theyre available for download NOW

OpenViX Apollo is born

DISTRO_NAME ?= “openvix” DISTRO_VERSION = “Apollo” DISTRO_TYPE ?= “release” BUILD_VERSION = “001″ Less than 2 months after the eagerly awaited, all new, but exactly the same, OpenViX Zeus, which after only 3 weeks was replaced by the all new, but exactly the same OpenViX Helios, now, after 4 weeks, the … Continue reading

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