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New 4D PLi images 28-05-2014

New images for all of the TM OE receivers are available from the software tab above. theres no changelogs available yet, as usual, but theyre available for download NOW

OpenViX Apollo is born

DISTRO_NAME ?= “openvix” DISTRO_VERSION = “Apollo” DISTRO_TYPE ?= “release” BUILD_VERSION = “001″ Less than 2 months after the eagerly awaited, all new, but exactly the same, OpenViX Zeus, which after only 3 weeks was replaced by the all new, but exactly the same OpenViX Helios, now, after 4 weeks, the … Continue reading

For pheonix

In response to the following: We have yet to release the image due to some serious driver bugs, but it has been leaked again and can be found with a google search, be mindful if you do decide to use this leaked version we will not offer any support for … Continue reading

OpenViX Zeus is finished, Heres Helios instead.

The short lived, much hyped OpenViX Zeus is no more, after only 4 weeks, its been binned. But, have no fear OpenViX lovers, as OpenViX Helios is here instead. We are not too sure what the differences are, and just like with the switch from OpenViX 3.0 to Zeus, all … Continue reading

New PLi based images, new kernel

New images have been uploaded for the OE range of receivers, with a new 3.9.7 linux kernel. Download them from the Software tab above. Not yet available anywhere else on the internet. The software section will also be  updated with the latest version of the ViX Zeus images, and other … Continue reading

Loads of new updates

Todays been busy for Technomate receivers. As well as the expected release of openvix Zeus for the linux OE receivers, and the unexpected 002 release a few hours later (good old vix updates, theyre like busses, the last one was in december, then you get a few all at the … Continue reading

Vix zeus build 002 is released, already…….

In true vix fashion, less than 12 hours after the ‘great release’ an update requiring a complete new image is released. Theres a surprise

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