We’re back, with the tm-nano se

After a bit of a hectic christmas period, Technomate software is back posting again. Theres been loads of updates that should have been posted, and new softwares, and moans about teams forcing updates on people, and moans about things not working when they were promised to be fixed, but, I’ll … Continue reading

More ViX images plugins dropped

From this weekend, ViX images prior to Apollo build 055 will no longer have any plugin feed support, as they are moving to a new server, and for some strange reason, decided not to keep the same details. The only fix is to reflash with an image newer than build … Continue reading

ViX image plugin issues

For the last few days, users who have the ViX image installed on their receivers have been unable to access any of the plugins, and for a change, its not down to ViX forcing users to use the latest image. One of the servers that the image connects to for … Continue reading

OpenViX for the TM 3T-Combo

OpenViX is now in the software section above for the TM 3T-Combo receiver. The latest ViX image for the other receivers will be added shortly

4D plugin fix, via your remote

The 4D plugin bug affects EVERY linux TM receiver with an image dated prior to 29/08/14, which means just about EVERY receiver out there. Now, to fix it, you can reflash and start all over again, you can manually fix it, as described in an earlier blog post, or, you … Continue reading

All the images, all the models

All of the images, from all of the teams, for all of the receivers. Yep, thats right, we here at TMSW have been slacking a little bit lately, so, to make up for it, we tracked down, and made available images from the usual suspects, OpenViX and 4D, as well … Continue reading

Social media links

Everything posted onto Technomatesoftware is also automagically posted to both Facebook and Twitter. If you use either of these social media platforms, you can have updates in your feeds by following the links below www.facebook.com/TechnomateSoftware https://twitter.com/Technom8SW

4D do it again (break your image)

Once again, 4D have managed to break EVERY image on EVERY linux technomate (as well as cause issues on other network connected receivers) because of a simple oversight on their side of things (or the unwillingness to actually do this major step properly). If your image is dated prior to … Continue reading

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