New images for all linux models

New PLi 3 and PLi4 based images uploaded for all models to the software section. As usual, there are no changelogs or information about whats been updated etc Tweet

Technomate Android on the way

Yes thats right, a Technomate Android receiver is finally on the way. Pre production units have been tested, and the final production units are expected to be ready in 8-12 weeks. Full details are a little sketchy at the moment, but, it seems to be some sort of hybrid receiver, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our followers and visitors. Tweet

New receiver, TM-Nano SE PLUS

You read it correctly, another new receiver on the verge of release. At the moment we dont know if it will be labeled ‘TM-NANO SE PLUS’ or ‘TM-NANO SE+’ but we would guess on the latter, in a play on other receivers out there that use the + symbol in … Continue reading

New images

A few new images uploaded, PLi based for the newer models of linux receivers. As usual with TMs team, theres zero changelogs available 😉 Check the Software section for the files Tweet

Its finally died

After 4 years of complete abuse and torture, my trusty old pre release model of TM-Twin has decided it cannot fight any more. I remember the day it arrived in november 2011, thats when the abuse started. It came out of the box, and was met with a screwdriver. Since … Continue reading

New receiver, new images, old images, general news

Its been a while since any real worthwhile updates have been posted, so, this will contain quite a bit of information. First, a NEW linux receiver is coming, the TM-NANO SE M2, as usual theres NO pre hype information from Technomate about it, only what gets ‘leaked’ from here first, … Continue reading

TM-Nano SE for only £3.50

Yep you read that correctly, its not a typing error. You can get a Technomate TM-Nano for only £3.50. For full details visit the link below. Technomate TM-Nano for £3.50 Tweet

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