And they just keep on coming

Somethings really kicked the 4D team up the arse over the last week. We have gone from not a single image released in 6 months, to 3 in less than a week. As usual, theres no changelog to say whats new, changed, added, removed, fixed, and broken (they always break … Continue reading

New 4D images 17-01-2017

Yes, I know what youre thinking, This bloody website is worse than British busses. 6 months without an update, then along comes 4 software posts, 2 of which are complete images for most linux models, the announcement, and confirmation of 3 new receivers, and theres word of another 3 RTOS … Continue reading

Technomates £79 linux receiver TM nano M3

Technomates smallest, cheapest linux receiver, the TM-Nano M3. Broadcom BCM7362 processor, 256Mb Flash mamory, 512Mb DDr3 RAM, 2x USB, Mini 12v PSU, full HD 1080p, and will retail for around £80 Available soon Tweet

Technomate TM S2C 4k

For the second day running, announcement of more new 4k hardware. This time is more geared towards the cable side of things. It will have 3 fixed tuners, a single satellite tuner, and 2 cable tuners. an internal SATA 3 connection for hard disk drive, and will be the same … Continue reading

TM-Twin 4k Linux receiver

We have repeatedly asked Technomate for information, and have come up with nothing. Emails, Skype, Text messages, and all have not been replied to. But, today, we have information that seems to confirm the existence. A finished software, based on open-PLi 5 and linux kernel 3.14. The receiver is called … Continue reading

New images 04-01-17

After about 6 months of no new software, there are new images for the majority of the technomate linux receivers uploaded to the software section this morning Tweet

Technomate TM-Nano M3

Following from last weeks post, software for a new unannounced technomate receiver has just appeared, the Technomate TM-Nano M3. The software is in the download section, but as usual, there is no information yet about this new hardware. We will keep you updated as we find things out Tweet

Is there a 4K UHD Technomate on the way?

Possibly Hey everyone, long time no posting. Simply because NOTHING has really been happening thats worth posting about. BUT……….. Those of you who know who i am, also know that when i get hold of a new receiver, the very first thing i do, is take it apart. I’ll find … Continue reading

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