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Allsats Andromeda TM800HD is here!

. Audio output and format switching integration of home-cinema and other hdmi audio devices.
. USB hub management – to mount all usb storage partitions on all usb devices when plugging hubs into the front and rear sockets. In addition to the normal /media/type-disk mountings the applet will mount all devices in a set at /STORAGE/. This can be a mix of partitioned and non-partitioned devices. No limit on number of concurrently mounted devices.
. Backup and restore channel setting feature to mounted storage devices on the box allows users to experiment with scanning satellites or downloading lists, then reverting to a stored channel and bouquet set. With an internal and external disk active you can use the applet to switch between two separate channel sets.
. Live channel set edit feature aimed at Linux only users without channel set management software or users who wish to undo changes in current enigma session. Enigma works with a channel set in memory and writes that back to disk under certain circumstances. This tool allows you to force a new set into memory from disk.
. CCcam management panel
. Swap management to create, activate, deactivate swapfiles. Can be used for session only or to patch the startup code for permanent action.
. KillScripts tool – for the brave who want to cut away the very last bit of fat from the image. This tool examines all python resource files and determines which can be safely removed. It works by comparing original python ('.py) file creation dates with the date of the optimised ('.pyc' ) file created by enigma when it detects a new script. Any '.py' with a matching '.pyc' of a later date is redundant. Never use the Cleanup routine after running KillScripts.
. Package installer for IPKG packages. Other improvements include
. Cleanup to remove unnecessary files , mainly foreign language files and duplicate resource libraries.
. Improved 'List' button in default skin, with up to 4 lines of descriptive text per recording
. On-screen progress reports during power-on sequence for those who prefer not to sit on the floor with their noses against the front display.
. Improved telnet window. User prompt only shows lowest level directory, with name printed in blue to maintain a full line of text for command input. Installation:
The image has been test loaded by both the direct 'image on usb' method and the Miniweb download from PC method. Based as it is on the IQ 15-6 code it has the same disk restrictions as that base image, but we will be releasing further images when the proprietary board level device drivers are released by the hardware teams. Pre-defined logon password for telnet and web browser sessions is allsats Image comes complete with a built in channel set for 28.2E, and a Favourites(TV) bouquet of FTA channels and those hard to scan BBC streams. Just select scan manually later in the setup wizard to keep, or over-write as required.]]>

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