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Boot times

at first, i noticed that when using a motor, even if the dish was on the satellite your startup channel is on, it needs to sort itself out, its fully booted, but then looking for a signal, so i did this with the receivers setup as motorised via usals, and fixed single dish. Starting for a cold boot, no power at all, and start the clock as soon as power is applied. The channel i booted to was Sky Premiere HD and my dish was already pointed at 28.2E DM800 set as USALS 2 min 17.2 seconds
DM800 fixed dish 1 min 59.6 seconds TM800 set as USALS 2 min 8.7 seconds
TM800 fixed dish 1 min 49.1 seconds Vu+ Duo (VIX2.0) with only motorised dish connected 1 minute 45.3 seconds
Vu+ Duo (VIX2.0) with only fixed dish connected 1 minute 42.9 seconds i did each boot test twice, and while the motorised ones did have 0.1 seconds difference between them (ive listed the fastest times) the fixed dish times were the same each time Boot times for official sly HD receivers. This is starting from a cold boot, to powering up, the 'searching for listings' message to clear, and the actual picture of the 998 info channel to start clearing. New style PVR5 Amstrad DRX890 1 min 10.3 seconds
Thompson DSI8215 PVR4 1 min 33.4 seconds

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