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OpenViX Zeus is finished, Heres Helios instead.

The short lived, much hyped OpenViX Zeus is no more, after only 4 weeks, its been binned. But, have no fear OpenViX lovers, as OpenViX Helios is here instead.

We are not too sure what the differences are, and just like with the switch from OpenViX 3.0 to Zeus, all thats being said is that its ‘behind the scenes changes’ (insert conspiracy theories here)

So, in the software section, youll find the new Helios, which is the same as the old Zeus, which was the same as the older 3.0


2.2 (43.41%) 41 votes

Openvix Zeus officially released

Openvix Zeuse images are now officially available. We have been playing with these for a while, and the end user experience is the same as openvix 3.0, but, this will be the only vix firmware to receive updates in the future, so if you want to continue to use ViX, youll have to update. The bootloaders will need to be updated as per the last blog post, but, all images are available from the software tab at the top of the page

1.4 (27.78%) 18 votes

New 4.0 bootloaders

The OpenATV 4.0 images have been available for a while, and recently popping up in random places, is the vix4 (OpenVix Zeus) image, but untill now, bootloaders were unavailable for these images to work properly. We are just about to upload bootloaders that have been tested, and work, on both the OpenATV 4.0 image, and the OpenVix Zeus images.

Only use these bootloaders if you are intending on using one of these newer images, as you will not be able to boot into an existing PLi based, or Openvix3.0 image after flashing these, unless you reflash with an older bootloader.

As usual with this type of update, use at your own risk. We killed 2 receivers before finding this working software (which also brought them back to life)

Check the software tab above for the file

1.9 (38.82%) 17 votes

Major plugin bug on 4D images

A major problem has occured on ALL 4D images prior to Feb 2nd 2014. The URL used for the image to connect to the download server has changed, with no possible way of changing it back. While this does not affect the use of the image, or the way it functions with any manually installed plugins, you are now unable to download plugins from the images plugin server, unless you either update the plugin, or manually edit the files that control how the receiver connects to plugin sources, other ‘fixes’ may become available. We have been aware of this issue for a few days, but wanted to exhaust every option to resolve it before announcing it. Heres a tutorial for those who simply want to carry out the manual edits required

How to fix 4D plugin bug

3 (60%) 1 vote

TM-2T-Super & TM-NANO-Super updates

Theres been some updates to the source code for these 2 as yet unreleased receivers, the first updates for wuite a while. From these updates, we can see that new drivers have been created today, and that they will be running the linux kernel 3.9.7. These are based on the same Broadcom BCM7356 dual core processor that the Vu+ Solo² and other newer receivers now use.

More info will follow as we find it


2.1 (42.54%) 134 votes

New 4D images & more

New images uploaded to the software archive, click the software tab above, for the Technomate Twin, Technomate 2T, Technomate Nano and Technomate Single receivers from the 4D team. These images have only appeared in the last 20 minutes, so at the moment, technomatesoftware is the ONLY place online that these images are available

Also available, are the latest images from OpenViX, OpenATV and the HDFreaks teams, the ONLY place on the internet to bring you them all in one site


4 (80%) 2 votes

Change remote handset in 4D images

A guide has been created detailing how you can use any TM-OE remote on any TM-OE receiver. You can download the guide from here  you are free to distribute this guide anywhere you want

1 (20%) 2 votes

New openViX images uploaded, including TM-NANO

New openViX images are now available via the Software tab above, for all of the OE range of Linux receivers, now also  including the Technomate TM-Nano

4.5 (90%) 2 votes

New 4D images for OE receivers

New images are just being uploaded to the software archives, click the software tab above, from the 4D team. Available for the TM-Twin, TM-2T, TM-Single and TM-Nano receivers.

Available first via technomatesoftware 😉

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HDFreaks Technomate images uploaded

Technomate OE images for the Twin and Single receivers from the HDFreaks team uploaded to the archive. Click Software above, then the folder for your receiver.

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