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Openvix Zeus officially released

Openvix Zeuse images are now officially available. We have been playing with these for a while, and the end user experience is the same as openvix 3.0, but, this will be the only vix firmware to receive updates in the future, so if you want to continue to use ViX, youll have to update. The bootloaders will need to be updated as per the last blog post, but, all images are available from the software tab at the top of the page

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New 4D images & more

New images uploaded to the software archive, click the software tab above, for the Technomate Twin, Technomate 2T, Technomate Nano and Technomate Single receivers from the 4D team. These images have only appeared in the last 20 minutes, so at the moment, technomatesoftware is the ONLY place online that these images are available

Also available, are the latest images from OpenViX, OpenATV and the HDFreaks teams, the ONLY place on the internet to bring you them all in one site


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New openViX images uploaded, including TM-NANO

New openViX images are now available via the Software tab above, for all of the OE range of Linux receivers, now also  including the Technomate TM-Nano

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New 4D images for OE receivers

New images are just being uploaded to the software archives, click the software tab above, from the 4D team. Available for the TM-Twin, TM-2T, TM-Single and TM-Nano receivers.

Available first via technomatesoftware 😉

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Technomate Linux OE OpenATV images uploaded

OpenATV images for Technomate OE linux receivers uploaded to the archives. Click software above, then the folder for your receiver model

For the best deals and aftersales service on all models, visit

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New 4D TM linux OE images

New openPLi based images from 4D uploaded, before anywhere else on the net, click the software tab above, then the folder for your model.

For the best deals and aftersales service on all models, visit

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New technomate images

New Technomate OE images have been uploaded to technomate software archives for all OE receivers from 4D, HDF, ViX and other teams

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Released to some retailers today, the TM-NANO retails for £129, making this the cheapest non clone broadcom based receiver anywhere. Running enigma2 images, the 4D image is also released today, with more expected to follow.

It has an external power supply, which can also be fitted inside the receiver if you wish. If you want to fit an internal HDD, then the caddy etc is an optional extra, costing £15. the kit consists of the power and data cables, the drive caddy, all required screws and an extra cooling fan to dissipate the extra heat generated by the HDD itself

the image for this receiver can be downloaded from here … E%20Linux/

and it will be available to purchase shortly here

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TM-NANO-OE has landed

Why pay for a chinese imported clone, when you can buy an original from the UK for cheaper.

Being broadcom, it will already be supported by the teams supporting the other TM-OE receivers, such as ViX, 4D, AAF and others.

More updates as we receive them

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