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New patches available

1-All these patches based on TM-5402 Patch 109-dated 30-09-2013
2–After downloading any of these patches >>on line will function
3-Tp and satellites Updated

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New TM5402-M2 receiver

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New TM5402HD patch 117p … %20Series/]]>

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TM5402 patch 112p 11/10/11

1-new c/s
2-new default channel list
3-Timer Recording event and stand by fixed
4-NTSC ok now when radio and internet radio selected
5-now and next fixed
6-Blind scan fixed
7-Default audio high Download from here]]>

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TM5402 media 'shuttle' control

button, your viewing will jump to the point shown on the timeline. The longer you hold the button for, the faster the timeline progresses. For the first 5 seconds, it seems to progress at around 2x, the next 5 seconds are approx 4x, then next 5 seconds approx 8x, then it flies through, untill you release the button. Big thanks to digidude for working this out]]>

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New TM5402 patch, with streaming!!

press inter 4-go to your pc and find out pc box ip example 192.168.1.???? 3- (STB) press f2 on tm-5402 hand set remote go to Media player 4- (STB) yellow/blue key: to set up box IP of PC 5- (STB) select media file and play-streaming
stb=satellite receiver
pc = computer Download from here]]>

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TM5402HD Phantompatch 1.11 v2

Download from here]]>

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TM5402, New CS info and reset file.

2-download same as any s/w
3-press ip on the remote or use 8281 2 times set new pass
4-press ip or 8281 or 0000 or any pass created by prental luck you can see addon menu bout can get access to lines with info
4-reset s/w only if you have forgoten your pass Download from here]]>

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