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TM800HD price drop!!! … duct_id=52]]>

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Rats UK channel list updater

Download it from here]]>

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UPDATE TM800HD wotsat review … d-16-08-11]]>

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TM800HD Wotsat review … D%20Linux/ it could change before the actual publication, but i doubt it

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TM800 Wotsat 1st impressions

Download from here]]>

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World-of-Satellite-IQ-CoolTV-EPG-Edition-31-07-11 lean and fast!

1-AAC-HE AUDIO in 30000 symbol rate
2-Downloading Direct by LAN+Blue button will not delete.
3-increase memory to 5MB Its recommended to select NO for default channel list when going through the start up wizard and use and up to date Enigma 2 settings pack in an up to date satellites.xml such as Catseye's or any other pack that's regularly maintained. This is a clean IQ image, all that has been added is EPG Importer and CoolTV guide. EPG Importer and CoolTV guide are accessed by pressing yellow button. Coolepg can also be accessed by holding down EPG button on remote. To use the EPG importer press Yellow > Blue > Select the EPG sources your require. Then press Green. Press yellow for first manual download. Note that first manual download can take a min or two to start, so be patient. Download from here]]>

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TM800 iQ 2011-07-26

1-AAC-HE AUDIO in 30000 symbol rate
2-Downloading Direct by LAN+Blue button will not delete.
3-increase memory to 5MB Download from here]]>

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Ive created a backup image of yesterdays release, and tweaked it a little bit Its got everything installed, including Rats latest channel list Ive tweaked CoolEPG and changed some of the buttons round as well, so now pressing OK Zaps to the highlighted channel and exits the guide Red starts a quick recording
Green sends the highlighted programme info to a recording timer
Yellow searches the EPG data
Blue open bouquet list Ive cleaned up a lot of unneeded crap out of the image, so theres over 7Mb of free space Oh yeh, and its got a HD skin 🙂 Its setup for HDMI 1080i @ 50hz output As the title says, this is a backup image, so it wont run the wizard after you flash it all you need to do is enter any cam config details, and either manually update the EPG, or wait for it to sort itself overnight Download from here]]>

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TM800 DWiQ 16-07-11

Compiled from source, SVN Rev# 29

Includes the latest iQ fixes as image dated 14/07/11
Fixed in this image 14-07-2011
1-Mutimedia play-puase-stop
2-Audio save ac3/mpeg2
as well as all of the usual DW additions 1-Cool EPG
2-Auto EPG importer
3-Latest rytec EPC sources
4-EPG search
5-Zap history browser
6-Updated Web Interface
7-digidudes customiser
8-digidudes advanced plugin
9-***Network mounts fixed***
10-***Rear USB mapping fixed***
11-***Picon paths to USB fixed***
12-Zap times hugely improved*
13- With all of the above installed, still start with over 5Mb free memory *Zap times can be delayed greatly if picons are stored on HDD instead of USB flash memory as the HDD has to spun upto read the channels picon prior to zapping channel, this adds around 3 seconds to some zap times

Also, as requested

Channel fastzap disabled by default
Bouquet quickzap enabled by default
HDD standby set to 30 seconds by default
MD5SUM : ccc1a15c57f3bd1c01908c36610772b8
Download from here :)]]>

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