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  1. digidude says:

    Received my tm twin must say very impressed very smooth and stable thanks to eurosky ! Very quick delivery !!?p=59254&viewfull=1#post59254

  2. digidude says:

    I started with an Alien SHD 8900 and loved it and after about a year bought a TM Twin through Digidude and i have to say its light years ahead. I love my twin

  3. digidude says:

    got the TM-TWIN from eurosky (digi) the build of the box feels better and the performance is excellent, zapping,epg etc are fast, I used to think my Alien was a better box for streaming compared to my optibox b ut this one beast both on then.

  4. digidude says:

    Amazing service at eurosky

    Ordered a tm twin oe for my nan very happy with the service fast delivery very good customer service the box was setup as a requested with vix image preloaded very happy with the box amazing sound and picture display on a 55″ lcd easy to navigate menus and recording is a breeze also looks great under the tv I would 100% recommend eurosky for customer satisfaction

  5. digidude says:

    Eurosky— credit where credit is due

    I’ve never been one that’s backward in coming forward; I have on a number of occasions been known to be somewhat critical of those that have been less than helpful. In fact I have been known to rant like a good ‘un.
    Today I’m posting for another reason, in fact the opposite reason. Over the last couple of days I have received an exemplary level of service that I would not have thought possible.
    I purchased a piece of hardware from a company well known to this forum ( that was in all honesty a little advanced for a noob like me, but I have never really been aware of my limits!
    After unpacking the unit (Technomate TM-Twin-OE) and plugging it in I pretty quickly reached the limit of my capability, I emailed eurosky expecting to be sent some instructions or pointing to a site such as this. Instead what I received was a complete master class in both the use / setup of these boxes and (even more appreciated) customer services.
    Craig @ Eurosky spent hours with me, both via email and on skype hand holding a fool through the set up and use of his new receiver.
    In short, there are a many places where you can buy the hardware, but there are very few places (if any) where you can buy this level of customer service and help. To find an ‘etailer’ that shows this level of care and commitment to their clients is refreshing indeed.

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