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FOR SALE!! could be up for sale

technomatesoftware blog was started as a bet. £1 million was bet that a technomate blog could not get quarter of a million visits (not hits) in a year. if you read back, that happened after about 8 months. some days technomatesoftware blog gets around 3000 visits, and other days around 500, yet the bet was never honoured :p

we are thinking about selling up though, but, not only technomatesoftware blog, but also the technomatesoftware archive and ALL of the information about how we get the information that is posted on technomatesoftware blog before anywhere else on the internet, and a lot of the time before technomate themselfs even know of the existence of the information

any interested parties can use the ‘comment’ button below, only technomatesoftware administrators will see the comment, so please include contact details

once technomatesoftware blog hits 1 million visits, itll be available

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