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How to: Flash TM800HD

Ensure the file is named like this >>> TM800_update.bin
Plug USB device into receiver
Turn on from rear
As soon as you see STARTING press stand by button many times until see MINIROOT
Wait until you see box IP in the front panel scrolling then press MENU button on the receiver
It will take about 2 minutes to download to receiver and will say SUCCESS and will reboot.
Turn the power off and remove your USB device
Ensure no hard drives are connected.
Turn power on, wait for receiver to boot and follow the onscreen wizard. (ignore WiFi setup for now)
Install default channel list when prompted
Turn off from rear for one minute
Turn on and wait for receiver to fully boot
Test all functions, test channels and motor function, test as many functions as you can
Connect external USB hard disk
Press USB button on remote, highlight your hard disk and press the RED button to format.
WAIT for formatting to complete. Depending on the size of your drive, and the USB connection, this could take quite a while.
Once the hard drive has finished formatting, turn off the receiver at the rear and turn back on, wait for receiver to fully boot
Setup your receivers WiFi connection (if WiFi is fitted) Your receiver should now be fully operational and stable. If any stage fails more than once, re download the image, format the USB device used to flash the receiver, and start again. This method has been tried and tested numerous times, and is the ONLY way recommended by Technomate themselfs. Once you have got to this stage, you can start installing plugins, channel lists etc, as any further issues will be down to incompatibility with the third party plugins or channel lists you are attempting to install]]>

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