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Its finally died

After 4 years of complete abuse and torture, my trusty old pre release model of TM-Twin has decided it cannot fight any more. I remember the day it arrived in november 2011, thats when the abuse started. It came out of the box, and was met with a screwdriver. Since then its been flashed countless times, had test software loaded onto it that completely killed it, meaning a trip back to TM HQ for a jTag back to life, its been my workhorse for media and linux based files for plugins etc, abusing the HDD over my internal network.

Over the last few weeks, its been refusing to respond to the remote, then the display would fade out of existence, then channels would lose their tuner lock, firing up the HDD would make the box really sluggish, but now this morning, the HDD wont fire up, its stuck on a channel, that it cannot display (even though its FTA) and the remote wont do anything, restarting the receiver leaves it in the same condition.

Its now been swapped out for a Nano T3 Combo, and ill get around to changing the viper chip in the PSU which will hopefully bring it back to life, but, untill then

RIP Digi’s tm-twin, Nov 2011 – Nov 2015, your pain and suffering is now over (for now)


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