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A little behind the scenes update

Here at technomatesoftware, we try to keep at the very edge of all the news involving Technomate products, to do this, we visit many places, many times a day, and quite a lot of the time, post information before Technomate themselfs are aware of its existence. We have recently updated, automated, and improved the way we do a lot of this. We now have automated ‘bots’ checking all of our usual sources of information, EVERY 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every time something new is found during one of these checks, a notification is sent, to be verified and checked. From here, we now have the ability to ‘grab’ any new files, and make them instantly available via the ‘Software’ tab above, at blistering speeds, which we have measured so far as close to 100mb/s.

However, we manually inspect each file before making it available, this is to ensure that:

  1. There hasnt been a newer, or older, version  released. Some teams release numerous images a day, and the Technomate images in every release may be identical, except for the release number, so we will only make the LATEST version available, and remove the rest.
  2. That the file being made available, isnt something that was uploaded accidentally by somebody, and is of no use for what you want it for.
  3. That the file isnt malicious and capable of damaging your PC.

So, if anything new is publically released by any of the main teams, we know about it, and have the files, within 10 minutes of the release. If any new developments arise from any  of our non public sources, we know about it within 10 minutes, and have any files associated with the development. We will then manually filter through this information, and pass on the goodies for your viewing, or browsing pleasure.


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