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Loads of new updates

Todays been busy for Technomate receivers. As well as the expected release of openvix Zeus for the linux OE receivers, and the unexpected 002 release a few hours later (good old vix updates, theyre like busses, the last one was in december, then you get a few all at the same time)

Other updates have been for the following receivers

TM6800HD Super, TM6900HD Super, TM8000Ci HD Combo, TM5302, TM5402HD, TM5402HD M2, TM5502Ci, TM7100, TM7102, TM6902, the new TM-F3/5 and the TM-MINI

updates include (not on every model)

iptv, BISS, 27.5W, VoD, 19e, 15W and more

all available via the software tab at the top of the page


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