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New 4.0 bootloaders

The OpenATV 4.0 images have been available for a while, and recently popping up in random places, is the vix4 (OpenVix Zeus) image, but untill now, bootloaders were unavailable for these images to work properly. We are just about to upload bootloaders that have been tested, and work, on both the OpenATV 4.0 image, and the OpenVix Zeus images.

Only use these bootloaders if you are intending on using one of these newer images, as you will not be able to boot into an existing PLi based, or Openvix3.0 image after flashing these, unless you reflash with an older bootloader.

As usual with this type of update, use at your own risk. We killed 2 receivers before finding this working software (which also brought them back to life)

Check the software tab above for the file

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