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New patches available … t&id=8 1-tm-6902/6900 pvr is fixed it will have 10 seconds delay when start recording 2-tm-7102 epg timer fixed but it will have 10 seconds delay if recording more than 2 channel from 2 tp or one tp 3-tm-7102/7100 timer record one channel watch another but time will switch to channel user watching Problem outstanding . 1-16 east 1. 11063 H 6633 = good signal & active transponder as found by the TM6900 HD Ø It does not exist TP according to Lyng sat and King Of Sat. 2. 12680 V 6630 = signal active transponder > It does not exist, either. There is only Analog TP at same frequency, but Horizontal. 3. 11140 V 6598 = Good Signal as correct symbol rate & frequency found > It does not exist, 11141/V is, but it is also Analog. following problem which appears in ALL patches.
in motorised dish choose something to record from the EPG- for example on Astra 19.2�- and change the dish to a different orbital position and switch the stb off it won´t return back to Astra 19.2� if the record has to be started there. As far as I have found out the problem appears if the channel from the other orbital position has signal on the same frequency like the recording-channel. No idea if this can be fixed but many great movies weren´t recorded because the stb was switched off on a different orbital position and the dish wasn´t moved back to the right position where the movie/ show had to be recorded. We will fix it as soon as we get more details about how to re-create it / model name / SW version. 4- pltv 10 east /SCThd 13E On TM6900HD Super SCT HD on 13E you go to that channel you be watching it and the pictures stays frozen and the sound keep going. and you go to another channel you go back to it again and it starts normal and then the picture stays froze. and the sound keep going. Uploaded log report tools in download centre log SW of TM-6900HD Super >> non received yet after getting report from you it will be fixed.]]>

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