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New TM800 DW modified image

its got ALL of the EPG stuff installed and configured for slyUK
its got the DW forum plugin installed
its got rats latest UK channel lists installed
its got rats updater installed it also has rats auto updater installed, but not activated, activate this via the yellow button, ppanels, rats updater, activate auto updating its had jimux's cleaner run on it, as well as a few other 'manual' files removed the boot script has been slightly modified, and im almost certain that ellies 'network mount' fix is also implemented boot screen and spinner is changed the image IS a backup image, so WILL NOT run the wizard, video is set to 1080i @ 50hz
tuner is configured as fixed @ 28.2E (you will need to change this if on any other type of setup) —————————————————– The image can be downloaded from here]]>

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