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Over HALF A MILLION visitors :)

Today, technomatesoftware blog has been online for 15 months. 15 months, and one day ago, I was told i would not be able to get quarter of a million visitors (not hits) to this blog, in a year. you lot visiting here did it in about 9 months, and now 15 months later, over 511,500 of you have visited looking for news and updates. If you refresh your page, while looking at the counter on the right, youll see that the counter does'nt go up, this is because your visit has already been counted, to show that its not just a hit counter on the site 😉 anyway, i know its been quiet over the last few months, when really theres been quite a lot happening, so expect a LOT of activity over the next week or so, both on here, and on my software archive ill be updating software, as ive a lot of new things to upload, posting about new findings, having a sort out in the archive, and throwing myself back into things :)]]>

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