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The TM800HD discontinued & obsolete? … wners.html More worryingly for TM800 owners though, is whats going on, here … d=feedback If you have the time, and youll need a lot of it, as well as the ability to actually pick out whats actually being said ABOUT the TM800, what first started out as (stripped down versions follow) 'What issues are people having, so we can fix them' soon turned into 'It will take a year to create a fully functioning TM800 image' and then became 'Once current stock of the TM800 is depleted, the model will be discontinued' Its a very messy affair at the moment, but, the last words about the TM800HD are that its going to be discontinued, and become an obsolete model, any owner with any outstanding functionality issues is being guided towards contacting Technomate DIRECTLY for some form of resolution. Technomatesoftware blog will endeavor to keep you updated (as long as we can make sense out of it all)]]>

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