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TM-TWIN-OE RELEASED!!! £50 cheaper than expected!!

NEW PART-EX OFFER!!! Due to the new rrp of the TM-Twin at £279, we have adjusted the part-ex price from 20-03-2012 until 18:00 20-04-2012: 1. TM-800 HD to be kept, bought anytime, anywhere: discount of £50 and keep TM-800 HD, no need of any exchange.
2. TM-800 HD as a part-exchange for £100 – discount of £100 inc. UK mainland delivery or an extra £10
discount towards your delivery or collect from Technomate showroom for £10 extra discount. Conditions of purchase:
For part-exchange, the TM-800 has to be in good working condition (subject to Technomate's discretion) with all parts and accessories. To Place an order, please telephone 020 8884 0701. Offer price is only valid from Technomate directly.
If you have already done 1 or 2, please telephone Technomate who will refund you the difference. The latest image can be downloaded from HERE … E%20Linux/

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