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Ive created a backup image of yesterdays release, and tweaked it a little bit Its got everything installed, including Rats latest channel list Ive tweaked CoolEPG and changed some of the buttons round as well, so now pressing OK Zaps to the highlighted channel and exits the guide Red starts a quick recording
Green sends the highlighted programme info to a recording timer
Yellow searches the EPG data
Blue open bouquet list Ive cleaned up a lot of unneeded crap out of the image, so theres over 7Mb of free space Oh yeh, and its got a HD skin 🙂 Its setup for HDMI 1080i @ 50hz output As the title says, this is a backup image, so it wont run the wizard after you flash it all you need to do is enter any cam config details, and either manually update the EPG, or wait for it to sort itself overnight Download from here]]>

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