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TM800 image with 7 Day epg

This is taken from a Back-up image so wont run the wizard its ready to go
hdmi set to 1080i
i have changed the boot up image,
installed the latest rytec sources.xml,
changed the spinner,
added a modified SGT Flip Flop channel list tested SGT Flip Flop picons – working from rear usb
records to front usb CCcam is running just needs .cfg file amending by FTP through /var/etc
the epg can be forced to update via yellow button option 1 or wait for auto update set to 03:37 Thats all i can remember @ the mo i always use the miniroot and internet-explorer to upload the image !?!?!?! i find it more reliable than usb method ??? Have Fun – user – root
pass – ( blank ) credit to rikjaard-real from linuxsat support ]]>

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