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this is a beta image for testing only not finished yet.
In menu+setup+system+customize turn on fast channel Zap
this will increase channel speed but will display last channel while video approaching
in off it will add about 2 to 3 secounde
Please Read before downloading this image if you want to be happy with total performance. we teased and followed bellow instruction no problem at all How to download by USB ONLY to TM-800 HD
1-Save tm-800 image in USB do not use inside folder re name like this >>> TM800_update.bin
2-Turn on from rear
3-As soon as you see starting press stand by button many times see mini root and wait
4-Wait until you See box ip in the front panel scrolling then press menu button .
it will take about 2 minutes to download about 60MB see success then take USB out. wait for re boot
5-Do full factory reset .
3-Fallow wizard and download default channel list {if hard disk or wifi leave it for after ignore at this moment }
4-Turn off from rear for one minute
5-Test all functions test all channels motor as many functions as you can when test completed 100% fully satisfied
6-Use only external USB hard disk{or seagate 2.5 inch up to 500gb tested ok }press on USB button to find hard disk and format it
7-use wifi setting {optional } .
8-If above has problem Download 16-06-2011 again by USB ..may be image was not downloaded properly or was corrupted.,
9-After full installation if you are happy no problems then you add anything from outside blue panel but do it one at
the time if problem repeat USB download again.
This image has been tested by fallowing above instructions with success and No green screen or hung-up
picture-sound has been perfect in HD and Sd channels
In this image 16-06-2011 Fixed >>>Fixed >>>>Fixed >>>>Fixed >>>Fixed 1-Multimedia with limited functions
2-channel change speed increased by about 50% very fast
3-navigating menus speed increased very fast
4-distance access control{openport setup }
you can setup and control tm-800 from anywhere
go to system open port {no need to use modem or pc }
access from mobile phone/Etc.
6-Total performance has been tested very fast
7-This image is totally different>> too many changes in core/ and application has to be done
for multimedia to be fixed properly
8-internal hard disk sata tested and working 100% perfect with Seagate 500GB
if you want to use other brand test first if fail use usb adopter for internal use,
9-Few external usb hard disk tested no problems
10-Limiter bug fixed in plagins in image 16-06-11 ===========================
Multimedia with limited functions
Movie files
1-Play/Puse/stop in some not all {No trick mode or jump files }
2-No muti audio sub titles
No Support for
1-ITU H264-MPEG4-AVC{PORT10}Video code
2-DTS Audio code
3-More than 2 video code
Support as bellow fully tested ok 1- File Format avi OK
2- mkv OK
3- mp4 OK
5- Video Codes XVID MPEG-4 OK
6- XVID MPEG-4 Version4 OK
8- DIVX MPEG-4 Version4(DX50) OK
9- DIVX MPEG-4 Version4 OK
10- DIV3 MS MPEG-4 Version3 OK
11- mp4v MPEG-4 OK
12- MP4.3 MS MPEG-4 OK
13- MPEG Version2 OK
14- X264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) OK
15- H264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) OK
16- ITU H264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) Fail
17- Audio Codec DTS Audio(dts) Fail
18- MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) OK
19- A52 Audio(aka AC3) (a52) OK
20- MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3 OK ]]>

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