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Fixed in this image 14-07-2011
1-Mutimedia play-puase-stop
2-Audio save ac3/mpeg2

To be fixed later as below

streaming/rew/ff in multimedia/channel zapping display/multi plagins-add-ons/extra hd skins/timeshif/4.3 picture format/MTV and all othere audio save/
all will be fixed after OE —————————————————- To get best result please read bellow AS EASY AS A/B/C A-Download 14-07-2011 by mini root {usb}
B-fallow wizard use default channel list-scan BBC HD in 28 east change symbol rate from 22000 to 23000
C-off/on from rear
if above followed 100% success no green screen or hang-ups
How to do mini root 1-Save tm-800 image in USB do not use inside folder re name like this >>> TM800_update.bin
2-Turn on from rear
3-As soon as you see starting press stand by button many times see mini root and wait
4-Wait until you See box ip in the front panel scrolling then press menu button .
it will take about 2 minutes to download about 60MB see success then take USB out. wait for re boot
To avoid hardisk problem please read bellow 1-use Seagate hard disk for internal sata tested working in all pvr functions
or use usb adoptor /external hard dsik
Multimedia tested insert usb and press multimedia on your remote select and press ok
it will play 97% of all formats
perss mutimeadai/select filem /press ok or play to play
rew/ff/ will be fix later
Doing above installation still experiencing problem please call or email TM technical for help
bellow files has been tested ok
File Format avi OK
mkv OK
mp4 OK
Video Codec XVID MPEG-4 OK
XVID MPEG-4 Version4 OK
DIVX MPEG-4 Version4(DX50) OK
DIVX MPEG-4 Version4 OK
DIV3 MS MPEG-4 Version3 OK
mp4v MPEG-4 OK
MPEG Version2 OK
X264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) OK
H264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) OK
ITU H264-MPEG4 AVC(part 10) Fail
Audio Codec DTS Audio(dts) Fail
MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) OK
A52 Audio(aka AC3) (a52) OK
MPEG Audio layer 1/2/3 OK
========================= Initial testing via digitalworldz looks like the Media center is now fully functional Download from here]]>

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