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World-of-Satellite-IQ-CoolTV-EPG-Edition-31-07-11 lean and fast!

1-AAC-HE AUDIO in 30000 symbol rate
2-Downloading Direct by LAN+Blue button will not delete.
3-increase memory to 5MB Its recommended to select NO for default channel list when going through the start up wizard and use and up to date Enigma 2 settings pack in an up to date satellites.xml such as Catseye's or any other pack that's regularly maintained. This is a clean IQ image, all that has been added is EPG Importer and CoolTV guide. EPG Importer and CoolTV guide are accessed by pressing yellow button. Coolepg can also be accessed by holding down EPG button on remote. To use the EPG importer press Yellow > Blue > Select the EPG sources your require. Then press Green. Press yellow for first manual download. Note that first manual download can take a min or two to start, so be patient. Download from here]]>

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