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Zap times

Vu+ Duo (VIX2.0) 2.2 seconds
No flash of any channel, just a black screen, then the channel clears DM800 (original , nabilosat BH v12) 3.7 seconds
This actually cleared the desired channel in 1.9 seconds, then paused from 2.8 seconds untill 3.7, where it was then watchable

TM800 (DWiQ 3/7 v2) 2.6 seconds

This was with FastZap enabled, it flashed the last channel as a frozen picture from 1.7 seconds, untill the desired channel cleared at 2.6 seconds. With FastZap disabled, it took 3.2 seconds of plain black screen for the channel to clear. I used the same channels on each receiver for this test, switching from Sky Action HD to Sky Family HD, and back, and did this a total of 5 times (10 channel changes) and timed each one, on each receiver, to allow for things like ECM times etc, but each time was the same for each receiver

Official Sky receiver times
New style PVR5 Amstrad DRX890 3.1 seconds
Thompson DSI8215 PVR4 3.9 seconds]]>

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