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New images 04-01-17

After about 6 months of no new software, there are new images for the majority of the technomate linux receivers uploaded to the software section this morning

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Technomate TM-Nano M3

Following from last weeks post, software for a new unannounced technomate receiver has just appeared, the Technomate TM-Nano M3. The software is in the download section, but as usual, there is no information yet about this new hardware. We will keep you updated as we find things out

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Is there a 4K UHD Technomate on the way?


Hey everyone, long time no posting. Simply because NOTHING has really been happening thats worth posting about. BUT………..

Those of you who know who i am, also know that when i get hold of a new receiver, the very first thing i do, is take it apart. I’ll find the little things that normally get overlooked, like most of the Technomate Enigma boxes being a rebranded OEM product, that generally shows up 9-18 months AFTER the first receivers mention that its built around. For example, the TM-Twin was born as the NANO-XX and was availavle around 15 months later,the TM Nano was born as the Force1, and available about 12 months later, the TM-Nano SE+ was born as the Force2, and available 9 months later.

Well, theres a new Force software available, which means the receiver itself already exists, and, the software is dated back to the middle of october.

The name of the receiver? The Force3 UHD, so, there may be a 4k Technomate on the horizon

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New Technomate Nano SE range images

New images for the Technomate Nano SE range of receivers have just been uploaded to the software section, from a very quick look at just the file names, it would seem these are being based on PLi5?? We will have to do some digging to verify this. At the moment they are untested, and as usual, theres no release notes to go with them

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New images for original OE receivers

New images are just being uploaded to the software section for the original OE linux receivers, the TM-Twin, TM-Single and TM-2T, these look to based on the PLi4 sources. Also updated images for the TM-nano and TM-nan0 2T

As usual, theres no changelogs available, and, as usual, theyre here before anywhere else on the internet 😉

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New TM-Nano images

Images for the TM-Nano series of receivers are uploaded to the software section. As usual theres no changelogs available to say whats new :p

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Get digi naked, for a good cause

My brother and some friends are raising money for the air ambulance service, after their close friend was involved in a traffic accident, but sadly didnt pull through, and passed away 2 weeks later, on his 32nd birthday, leaving behind a 3 months old son, young missus, and a shedload of friends and family.

Theyre running ‘the muddy mountain’ to raise funds, i was already booked to run it. Theyre trying to raise £1000, which over the last 4 days, they nearly have. I have told them that if they raise £2500 on their page, that id run it in pants and trainers.

Its a 6.9km course, up and around a mountain, with 29 army style obstacles, including electric shock obstacles, thigh deep mud for 100m, and god knows what other torture events they have thought of.

If you have a spare pound or 3 in your paypal, and would like to help the air ambulance service, who are 100% donation funded (even though they attend a LOT of accidents etc), or like the thought of an unfit nearly naked digi being tortured to death in mud on the side of a mountain, then help the cause by clicking the link


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New toy review time………

Yes that right. A new receiver has landed with us today. Its not been unpacked just yet, but as soon as its out of the box, it will be taken apart, photographed, flashed, and reviewed 🙂

Stay tuned…….

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More new images

More new images from the 4D team have been uploaded to the software section. As usual they’re not available anywhere else yet, and as usual, there’s also NO release notes.

At the moment i have only uploaded the images for the TM-Nano SE range of receivers, the other models images will be uploaded shortly

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New images for all linux models

New PLi 3 and PLi4 based images uploaded for all models to the software section. As usual, there are no changelogs or information about whats been updated etc

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