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Technomate Android on the way

Yes thats right, a Technomate Android receiver is finally on the way. Pre production units have been tested, and the final production units are expected to be ready in 8-12 weeks. Full details are a little sketchy at the moment, but, it seems to be some sort of hybrid receiver, satellite with a technomate skin / OSD, and android operating system as well.

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It will have a SATA HDD caddy, and any other information will be added to this post.

A similar receiver to the TM5402-M3 (which is a great and popular receiver) with android 4.4 KitKat as an alternative operating system.

The satellite software will be the same as the TM5402-M3, an updated HD version of technomates amazing RTOS software which has been used on its receivers for over a decade

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our followers and visitors.

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New receiver, TM-Nano SE PLUS

You read it correctly, another new receiver on the verge of release. At the moment we dont know if it will be labeled ‘TM-NANO SE PLUS’ or ‘TM-NANO SE+’ but we would guess on the latter, in a play on other receivers out there that use the + symbol in their names. The software is already available for it in the software sections, now we just need an official release from technomate of some hardware to load it onto 😉

More details as we find them out, remember, you saw it here first. (as usual)

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New images

A few new images uploaded, PLi based for the newer models of linux receivers. As usual with TMs team, theres zero changelogs available 😉

Check the Software section for the files

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Its finally died

After 4 years of complete abuse and torture, my trusty old pre release model of TM-Twin has decided it cannot fight any more. I remember the day it arrived in november 2011, thats when the abuse started. It came out of the box, and was met with a screwdriver. Since then its been flashed countless times, had test software loaded onto it that completely killed it, meaning a trip back to TM HQ for a jTag back to life, its been my workhorse for media and linux based files for plugins etc, abusing the HDD over my internal network.

Over the last few weeks, its been refusing to respond to the remote, then the display would fade out of existence, then channels would lose their tuner lock, firing up the HDD would make the box really sluggish, but now this morning, the HDD wont fire up, its stuck on a channel, that it cannot display (even though its FTA) and the remote wont do anything, restarting the receiver leaves it in the same condition.

Its now been swapped out for a Nano T3 Combo, and ill get around to changing the viper chip in the PSU which will hopefully bring it back to life, but, untill then

RIP Digi’s tm-twin, Nov 2011 – Nov 2015, your pain and suffering is now over (for now)


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New receiver, new images, old images, general news

Its been a while since any real worthwhile updates have been posted, so, this will contain quite a bit of information.

First, a NEW linux receiver is coming, the TM-NANO SE M2, as usual theres NO pre hype information from Technomate about it, only what gets ‘leaked’ from here first, at a guess though, it say its POSSIBLY a triple tuner nano-se, possibly DVB-S and DVB-T/C, but untill some hardware is available, its only a guess. Whatever it turns out to be, theres an image already available in the software section of the site.

New images, theres also new PLi4 based images available for the rest of the NANO-SE family, the NANO2Super and the NANO3T-Combo receivers, available from the software section

Old images. The king is dead, long live the king?? Once again, the usual update overload image, has been replaced, or superseded, and theres been no updates for about a month. Yep, ViX Hades is now old news. After a massive 18 ‘stable’ releases, Hades is on the verge of being replaced. Numerous changed to the openvix sourcecode have been showing this for nearly a month, with the unnamed ‘Build 001’ now 4 weeks old, a forced update is on the cards once again for those who wish to continue using the ViX images. You wont be able to continue to stick with Hades, as the ‘feeds’ will be cut, meaning constant nags to update while you watch tv, and all online support will be dropped in favour of the new release

General news, Technomatesoftware has passed 2 million hits, great new eh, not bad for a site that was made just to see what would happen off the back of a bet. Some behind the scenes updates will be taking place over the next week, these wont affect your experience of the site, but Google Ads have new EU rules which must be put in place with regards to cookies.


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TM-Nano SE for only £3.50

Yep you read that correctly, its not a typing error. You can get a Technomate TM-Nano for only £3.50. For full details visit the link below.

Technomate TM-Nano for £3.50

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15 new images available

15 new images from the 4D team are currently uploading to the software section of the site. at the moment theyre all in one folder called ‘NEW 02-07-2015’ as im just leaving to throw myself out of a plane a few times



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New 4D images 19-05-15

New images from the 4D team are in the process of being uploaded to the software section for all models, including the new TM-Nano-oe CO model

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New receiver, TM-Nano-SE CO

Another new type of TM-Nano-SE receiver is on the way, the TM-Nano-SE CO, more details will follow as soon as we can find them, but, the image from 4D is already available in the software section 😉

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