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Download center issues

The ‘download center’ for technomate receivers has run into issues over the last 24 hours, meaning that its completely OFFLINE. Nearly all of the latest software that was available there though, is right here, archived safely in our own software vault, for you to download. The only thing thats NOT here, is the comments from the ‘Feedback’ sections, but, there are plenty of forums around for posting things like that.

Nearly all of the latest software that was available via the download center is also available via the ‘Software’ tab above, or the link here , as well as a lot of Linux receiver images that were not available in the download center.

Technomatesoftware, as recommended by Phantom on the official technomate community forum, nearly 1.5 million technomate owning visitors cant all be wrong 🙂

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Testing Facebook link

This post is to test the Facebook link functionality.

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New 4D PLi images 28-05-2014

New images for all of the TM OE receivers are available from the software tab above. theres no changelogs available yet, as usual, but theyre available for download NOW 🙂

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OpenViX Apollo is born

DISTRO_NAME ?= “openvix”
DISTRO_TYPE ?= “release”
Less than 2 months after the eagerly awaited, all new, but exactly the same, OpenViX Zeus, which after only 3 weeks was replaced by the all new, but exactly the same OpenViX Helios, now, after 4 weeks, the first official build of the all new, and probably exactly the same, OpenViX Apollo.
Its not available for download (yet) but when it is available, i wouldnt expect any huge fantastical changes to jump out at you, as its another ‘behind the scenes’ changes in the updates
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For pheonix

In response to the following:

We have yet to release the image due to some serious driver bugs, but it has been leaked again and can be found with a google search, be mindful if you do decide to use this leaked version we will not offer any support for it. ALL questions or support requests must be left with the person who again decided to make a name for him self rather than putting peoples own bought hardware first as usual.

Last year, it was agreed with your organ grinder that I would not post ANYTHING to do with ViX before being publicly available, and that you would be kept under control with the way you continuously post on forums slating people over things you dont really understand. Your issues with another new coder then started spilling into forums, and i made it fully obvious that i was nothing to do with any leaks that i was being blamed for being part of in public. I was then recently further attacked in another thread before the forums admin closed and cleaned the thread.

For a long time, I kept to my side of the bargain. I leave your lot alone, and you leave me alone. YOU broke that deal, just like your mouth has run away with you again, and you have directed people exactly where to get the image, thanks for the hits 😉

Stick to what your superiors agreed you would stick to, and things like this will stop happening (from me at least). If you, or anyone else, wants to control what I post on my website, feel free to make a genuine offer to purchase the site from me. If you (pheonix) want to have a little influence on what i DON’T post on my website, then get your posts ‘authorised’ before they cause you any more problems in the future


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New PLi based images, new kernel

New images have been uploaded for the OE range of receivers, with a new 3.9.7 linux kernel. Download them from the Software tab above. Not yet available anywhere else on the internet.

The software section will also be  updated with the latest version of the ViX Zeus images, and other available images over the coming weekend

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Loads of new updates

Todays been busy for Technomate receivers. As well as the expected release of openvix Zeus for the linux OE receivers, and the unexpected 002 release a few hours later (good old vix updates, theyre like busses, the last one was in december, then you get a few all at the same time)

Other updates have been for the following receivers

TM6800HD Super, TM6900HD Super, TM8000Ci HD Combo, TM5302, TM5402HD, TM5402HD M2, TM5502Ci, TM7100, TM7102, TM6902, the new TM-F3/5 and the TM-MINI

updates include (not on every model)

iptv, BISS, 27.5W, VoD, 19e, 15W and more

all available via the software tab at the top of the page


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Vix zeus build 002 is released, already…….

In true vix fashion, less than 12 hours after the ‘great release’ an update requiring a complete new image is released.

Theres a surprise

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Heres the about screen from the latest unreleased openvix4 image, running on the TM-nano, so contrary to what some may be saying about killing your receiver by using it, its all scare tactics and should be taken with a pinch of salt. We found these with some very clever search terms, so they ARE online, probably for other makes of receiver supported by ViX as well. Apart from a new bootscreen, we havent yet found anything amazingly new, but, ViX have said that the main difference with ViX 4 is the way in which the images are built, not with the actual image itself.

The openvix4 images are out there, and untill there is an ‘official’ release, then they will be classed as beta, therefor ‘unsupported’ and some people will also say that using them will blow your receiver up and invalidate your cars insurance policy, but, neither of these claims are worth the paper that they are not written on 😉

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Vix 4 images

Overnight one of our automated search spiders came back with a very interesting link to a file, so, of course we just had to download it, and wil try it out later today

we wont post the file here, yet, but with some boolean googling you should be able to find it



vix 4 , openvix 4, open vix 4

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