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Get digi naked, for a good cause

My brother and some friends are raising money for the air ambulance service, after their close friend was involved in a traffic accident, but sadly didnt pull through, and passed away 2 weeks later, on his 32nd birthday, leaving behind a 3 months old son, young missus, and a shedload of friends and family.

Theyre running ‘the muddy mountain’ to raise funds, i was already booked to run it. Theyre trying to raise £1000, which over the last 4 days, they nearly have. I have told them that if they raise £2500 on their page, that id run it in pants and trainers.

Its a 6.9km course, up and around a mountain, with 29 army style obstacles, including electric shock obstacles, thigh deep mud for 100m, and god knows what other torture events they have thought of.

If you have a spare pound or 3 in your paypal, and would like to help the air ambulance service, who are 100% donation funded (even though they attend a LOT of accidents etc), or like the thought of an unfit nearly naked digi being tortured to death in mud on the side of a mountain, then help the cause by clicking the link


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