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Is there a 4K UHD Technomate on the way?


Hey everyone, long time no posting. Simply because NOTHING has really been happening thats worth posting about. BUT………..

Those of you who know who i am, also know that when i get hold of a new receiver, the very first thing i do, is take it apart. I’ll find the little things that normally get overlooked, like most of the Technomate Enigma boxes being a rebranded OEM product, that generally shows up 9-18 months AFTER the first receivers mention that its built around. For example, the TM-Twin was born as the NANO-XX and was availavle around 15 months later,the TM Nano was born as the Force1, and available about 12 months later, the TM-Nano SE+ was born as the Force2, and available 9 months later.

Well, theres a new Force software available, which means the receiver itself already exists, and, the software is dated back to the middle of october.

The name of the receiver? The Force3 UHD, so, there may be a 4k Technomate on the horizon

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