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Technomate Android TM-A1

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So, after 4 years of me telling Technomate they are going to miss out on something HUGE if they dont get an android box sorted out, and after every person all over the planet has already gone out and bought an android receiver, Technomate finally release an android based receiver.

Getting information out of Technomate about this receiver was as hard as getting a pay rise for nurses from the government, so, as soon as i found out they were in the country, I just threw my card details at them, and waited for the courier to arrive.

The TM-A1 RRP is £59 (or was i told £69, one of them). It comes nicely packaged in a colourfull box, which boasts h.265, HEVC and 4K on the front, some pretty pictures on the side for apps like netflix, youtube, kodi, facebook, etc, and a spec list on the rear.

Its available in black, white and bright blue.

The remote got me all excited, as it has the look of an air mouse, but, after powering everything up, and me waving it around the living room like harry potter having some sort of seizure, it became obvious that its just a point and click remote.

The small user manual is simple enough to follow, but, hasnt been proof read, and gives away exactly what android receiver the TM-A1 is actually based on. With this information i was quickly able to find cheaper receivers, with better specs on amazon, based on a search of what the TM-A1 actually is.

Technomate no longer ship gold plated HDMI leads with their receivers, which i double checked by looking in the carton of another receiver received at the same time

On firing it up, theres a nice splash screen, followed by an animated screen while everything loads up, and then a nice android home screen. An IPTV section on one side, and apps etc laid out across the center. a much nicer interface than my old M8S MQX receiver with android 4 on it.

The version of kodi shipped with it is NOT a ‘fully loaded’ version, so the receiver is completley legal to sell on, it is version 16.1 though, so i removed this and put 17.3 onto it, along with showbox, and the latest available ‘Paradox’ build for kodi.

After using the receiver for a week, im happy enough with it, and compared to my MXQ receiver, its lightning quick. Ive downloaded numerous different file types, including a few different 4K formats, and the built in movie player has played everything ive thrown at it

The blue LED on the front of the display isnt as glaringly bright as it is on the M8 type receivers, which is a good thing, as they tend to blind you from under the telly when watching things at night.

In all, id say that im happy enough with the receiver, BUT, i do honestly feel that the price tag is mainly for the name, as receivers with identical specs, but 2x the flash can be bought from Amazon for less, and the ones from amazon also include a bluetooth keyboard / touchpad

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